Supply Chain

‘Joined up thinking benefits the bottom line’

supply chainThe term ‘supply chain’ can be applied to the part of the logistics process which focuses on the raw materials, components, manufacture / assembly, work in progress and finished goods. Weall Management Services understand the complex integrated relationship between the elements of the supply chain, and work closely with clients to identify and make improvements. WMS work with clients to consider the greater impact of the supply chain, and consider the entire flow of goods through the company. WMS utilises a flexible approach and is able to tailor specific solutions that focus on client companies’ core activities and business needs; this includes purchasing, warehousing, production, transport, systems / processes and distribution.

Weall Management Service interim managers and consultants bring real benefits to clients’ supply chains. Their supply chain skills and experience save clients money and time, by identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement. WMS supply chain interim managers and consultants work in close partnership with clients to gain the technical and first-hand knowledge of their businesses which enables the successful analysis of their business needs. The analysis of the supply chain identifies strengths and weaknesses, informing credible and deliverable action plans for improvements to the operation. Clients can then choose whether to use WMS skilled and experienced interim managers to implement the action plans or do it themselves, using their internal resources.

The interim managers and supply chain consultants used by WMS are drawn from a variety of specialist backgrounds, covering all sectors and most industries; they have years of experience in companies ranging from large blue chip organisations to medium sized SME’s and small family businesses. WMS promote dynamic problem solving and creative thinking. Whatever your business sector, FMCG, B2B, B2C or home delivery, Weall Management Services will be able to help increase clients’ profits and improve their customer service.